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The Challenge

Navigate the New FCC Requirements with Confidence

The FCC has introduced stringent broadband labeling requirements, presenting ISPs with significant compliance and future management challenges. 

Evolving Regulatory Requirements

ISPs need to stay compliant as FCC rules evolve, requiring a flexible management approach.

Accurate and Up-to-Date Labeling

ISPs are responsible for maintaining labels that must include comprehensive service details demanding regular updates to ensure accuracy.

Compliance Deadlines and Operation Continuity

ISPs must manage and update their offerings without major disruptions to their operations.

Comprehensive Data Management

ISPs must store and manage label data across all points of sale, including a three-year archive for all labels.

The Solution

Seamless Flow into Your Way of Doing Business

Broadband Label Genie provides a robust platform for the secure storage and management of FCC product IDs and labels. This ensures compliance not just today, but for years to come, even after products are decommissioned.

  • Effortless Integration & Dynamic Updates

    Broadband Label Genie simplifies integration and automatically updates Plan IDs and labels as regulations change.

  • Automated and Accurate Label Management

    Broadband Label Genie automates the generation and management of compliant labels for all services.

  • Flexible Tool to Ensure Compliance

    Broadband Label Genie ensures compliance with FCC deadlines without drastically changing your business.

  • Historical Data Archiving and Simplified Operations

    Broadband Label Genie provides easy access to archived label data with a simple API call while reducing training and operational demands.


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Standard - Enter/manage products, plan IDs, labels & updates directly through our easy-to-use website
Managed - Take the guesswork out of compliance with our monthly technical consulting & 24/7 label updates
Enterprise - Fully integrate Label Genie into your product catalog for hands-free, totally automated compliance
Plan ID's Standard Managed * Enterprise **
Up to 25 $ 199 / month $ 899 / month
billed annually
N / A
Up to 100 $ 599 / month $ 1,899 / month
billed annually
N / A
Up to 250 $ 1,250 / month $ 3,495 / month
billed annually
$ 7,500 / month
billed annually
Up to 500 $ 2,350 / month $ 4,895 / month
billed annually
$ 9,500 / month
billed annually
Up to 1,000 $ 3,950 / month $ 6,495 / month
billed annually
$ 12,500 / month
billed annually
1,000 + Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
* Includes 5 technical consulting hours per month & 24/7 managed labels & updates
** Includes automated API integration & 10 technical consulting hours per month. Setup fees may apply
Standard Packages are billed monthly. Cancel any time.
Managed and Enterprise Packages are billed annually

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