This privacy policy sets out how ETI Software uses and protects any information that you provide through our website. Our privacy policy specifically addresses the information we collect and how we manage information we retain.

Security for Data Protection

In order to mitigate server breaches, unauthorized access or accidental disclosure of information our website is maintained by a GDPR complaint company.

Collection and Retention of Information

We require certain personal information in order to manage your account. Any information we retain shall be treated with an appropriate level of security.

Types of Information We May Retain

  • Name and Job Title
  • Contact information including email address, phone number
  • Location information such as physical, mailing, shipping address
  • Information derived from form mail, surveys, registrations

Exceptions to Sharing Personal Information
We will not share, disclose or sell private data or information to any persons or organizations not directly involved in our company fulfilling our obligations. However, we do take exception and reserve the right to provide information under certain circumstances such as:

  • Persons or entities involved in the fulfillment of a client’s project.
  • Law enforcement or Courts of Law (for investigations, subpoenas, warrants, etc.)
  • Third parties investigating identity theft, credit card fraud, or other problem behaviors.
  • Collection agencies, private investigators, or agents working for our company.

Why We Collect Information
We require certain information to understand your needs, provide quality service, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • Customer account management
  • Facilitate service or product improvements
  • For updates, promotional emails, announcements, or offers.

We may occasionally use client provided information such as testimonials or reviews, in promoting or advertising our company. Any use of customer information will be treated with an appropriate level of discretion and sensitivity. We will not use information which we consider to be confidential or private.

Cookies and Browsers

What Are Cookies
A cookie is a small electronic file which asks permission to be placed on your computer. A cookie is not a virus, trojan or malware. Cookies do not allow our company to have any access to your computer. The purpose of a cookie is to allow our website to recognize you when you return to our website. Cookies improve a website user’s experience by allowing websites to respond to you as a recognized entity (i.e., remember login information, preferences, etc.).

Implied Consent for Use of Cookies
Presently we use an “implied consent” policy, meaning we assume you accept the standard practice of using cookies. If you object to the use of cookies you should either not use our website, or you should delete cookies after visiting our website. Another option is to browse our website using an anonymous browser setting (i.e., “Chrome Incognito”, “Edge InPrivate”, “Firefox or Safari Private Browsing”).

How to Manage Cookie Setting on Popular Browsers

Users can at any time delete cookies that reside on their computer. For more information on restricting the use of cookies you may visit This website provides information managing cookie settings on most popular browsers.

    Website Analytics That Use Cookies

    We utilize website analytics services, which use cookies, to gather information on how visitors interact with our website. No personal data is collected by us via analytics. Although no personably identifiable information is acquired, analytics does track date and time of a website visit, time spent on individual pages and our site overall, the particular search engine from which you came to our site and your type of browser. Website analytics are important to us because it provides information that allows us to improve our website, which ultimately makes our site more user friendly.

    Google Analytics protects your website tracking transactions with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This means website visitor information is secure, and Analytics reports do not include personally identifiable information about any website user. Google adheres to the policies stated in the Google Privacy Policy.

    Our site may utilize Remarketing with Google Analytics as part of our online marketing. The DoubleClick cookie enables remarketing for products like AdWords on the Google Display Network. For more information about this cookie, visit the Google Advertising Privacy FAQ. To opt out of remarketing, and manage your settings for this cookie, visit the Ads Preferences Manager.

    How to Opt-Out of Google Analytics Tracking? Visit Google Analytics Opt-Out

    Google AdWords cookies identify websites from which visitors arrive, and which pages are visited by visitors coming to our website. This allows us improve our paid search advertising campaigns. Personally Identifiable Information is not gathered in this process.

    DoubleClick is part of our Google AdWords analytics. The DoubleClick cookies enable us to match users with ads that relevant advertising for our company. Personally Identifiable Information is not gathered in this process.

    Other Services That Use Cookies

    Third Party Content Services

    We sometimes use third party services to add content to our website. Examples of third party content services and applications are YouTube, Vimeo, Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, HubSpot and SlideShare. We may use other sites, and in any event, we do not control when or how these services collect information relative to your use of content they host. If you are not logged-in to these services they will not be able to get any personally identifiable information through our website.

    Email Campaigns

    Our routine personal correspondence or emails do not contain any type of cookie. Our marketing efforts may use email marketing campaigns which do include cookies. These cookies do not collect personal information. They do collect metrics that enables us to measure the effectiveness of our email marketing. Our email marketing cookies collect information such as which recipients opened our email (open rates) or clicked on a link (click rate). All of our email campaigns are done in accordance with the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003. All recipients of marketing emails will be provided a link to “opt-out or unsubscribe” from future emails.

    Social Media Websites

    Our website does include “social media buttons” which have links to our social media pages (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, LinkedIn). These sites are owned and managed by third parties. We do not control when or how they collect information. For information on their data collection, management and privacy policies you should review the formal privacy policy statements on each website.

    Our company, from time to time may update our internet privacy policy, any changes made are effectively immediately and may not be formally announced or otherwise advertised. We do not guarantee that we will issue any type of formal or informal notice of any changes to our website, policies or other information.

    Users of our website may also be interested in our Website Terms of Use Statement.